My Life-Changing Trip to ATX

I’ve had so many people ask me about Texas and want the details so I figured I’d write a blog post about it since it’s been a hot minute or two since I’ve done that! Ha.

So as many of you know I took a trip to Texas in October to mentor with the ahhhmazing Kristina Ohl-Boyd from Hello Darlin Photography. She’s known for her intimate couples and exuding raw and real emotion from her clients. She’s my biggest inspiration. I aspire to connect people in that way and capture their love the way she does. It was a big investment, but I walked away with so much. The experience was invaluable to me.

She put together 5 shoots for us — a fun, young couple, an intimate couple, a styled elopement, a family, and lifestyle couple’s session, so we got a little taste of everything. I skipped the family session because ultimately, I really would just like to focus on couples, weddings, and boudoir. Families are great and kids are fun and I love to shoot them but couples are really where my soul and heart lies.

Kristina booked this gorgeous AirBnb in downtown Austin and rented the coolest vintage Volkswagen Bus. She poured her heart and soul into arranging and planning all of this out for us and she didn’t disappoint.

We drove from Harrisburg to Austin in about 2 days with our two young kids. It was difficult. Especially with a 2 year old, but we made it! Texas was amazing and worth the journey to get there. We spent a weekend there, I got to work and do what I love with who I love supporting me, and then we got to drive back and enjoy some family time.

I’m sure most of you have already seen the images on Facebook and IG since I tend to overshare, but just in case you haven’t, I’ll share them in this blog post as well.

I also feel like I should mention that these couples are not paid models, or models of any kind. They’re REAL people, REAL couples, and REAL clients of Kristina’s.


Our first session was a sunrise session with Trevor and Brooks. We woke up at 5am to drive an hour to get to this location and all I can say is WORTH. IT! Look at this gorgeous light, this blue water (it was a natural spring) and these two high school sweethearts!


I’m swooning so hard. The movement during their session was perfect. The windblown hair, the water splashing.


Our second session was an intimate couples session with Quentin and Kim! Their love and passion for each other is palpable and is very clear in their interaction with each other, and I believe it’s clear in their images. They own a gym in Texas and are 3 months pregnant (which goes to show that you can be pregnant and still be sexy AF!!) They have been through a lot to get where they are and I’m so happy for them. Their story is an inspiration.


Their session was at the AirBnb. Notice the shiplap? Any fellow Joanna Gaines fans? ;)


The BNB was spectacular. There was a red wall that we used in one room, stunning light in the bedroom, and then this amazing clawfoot tub in the bathroom. The entire place was a photographers paradise. Whoever designed and styled it knew what they were doing!


Seriously. If I could book just couples sessions like these I wouldn’t complain one bit. Sexy. Passionate. Intimate. Every couple should do one of these. Whether young or old. Reconnect with each other. Relight that fire.


Our third session and the end to Saturday was the infamous styled elopement at La Estancia Bella in Wimberly, TX! It was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to experience!


Drew and Ashley are some of the sweetest people! I captured these images of Drew wiping Ashley’s tears, and that is an authentic moment between the two of them. They were a week away from celebrating their anniversary and he put together something special for her. I can’t thank them enough for letting 10 strangers share such a private moment with them.


The vendors that donated their time and talent to contribute to this styled shoot were PHENOMENAL! The cake was real, and it was sooo good. I snuck some on the way back to the AirBnb! LOL It was lemon and so tasty. Ashlee (from the same sex shoot) was the baker and designer for this and she is AMAZING!


The VW images are some of my favorite images to date. Tin Can Travel Company is who we can thank for that!


Sunday morning, while everyone else was up at 5am shooting a gorgeous family, I was sleeping. I needed the rest after traveling 2 days and working nonstop. In hindsight, I should have gone with everyone but I was so exhausted and it was taking a toll on my body and mind. The extra few hours I got to sleep was well deserved.

I arrived at the AirBnb around 10am for our last lifestyle session with Shannon and Ashlee. Kristina shot their wedding a few months ago and it was breathtaking. This couple is beautiful and their love for each other is evident.


Their session was also at the BNB in the kitchen. The natural light pouring in from the window was perfection!


After we made pancakes, we went back into the bathroom and got some intimate shots of Ashlee and Shannon in the tub. I love, love, love these!


Alright — so if you’ve read this far, THANK YOU! I’m excited to share my trip and experience with you all. I had the time of my life making new friends and building my skills. I loved it so much that I’m doing another workshop with Kristina in San Diego in May (this time without kids lol).

I hope you all enjoyed my art that resulted from this trip, and I really hope I’m able to book more of these, as they fully represent what I want to specialize in.

Traveling is my favorite thing. Thankfully, because of my husbands job, we’re able to do a lot of it! I’m able to meet so many amazing people and photograph and capture so many beautiful things.

Maybe next time your lovely face will be the one in front of my camera.

Traveling, it leaves you speechless, and then it turns you into a storyteller.
— Unknown