I Just Haven't Met You Yet | PA Based Couple + Elopement Photographer | Rachel Bond Photography

Sean + Esther

This whole crazy thing and idea started a few weeks ago when we got to Washington and I was having a really hard time finding reliable models. My husband, kids, and I drove to Portland with my husband’s co-worker, Sean, to hang out for a weekend and meet up with this couple that was supposed to model for me. I hate being stagnant while traveling so I always try to find models or couples to photograph to stay active and creative. So we get to the location where we’re supposed to meet (a 2 hour drive one way) and the couple no calls/no shows me. I was irritated and annoyed with the whole situation and that was when Sean planted this idea in my head.

“I’ll model for you!”

The gears started turning then and I mentioned that I should find a random girl to model with him and that it would be a super cool experiment and challenge for me! He was all for it. So I put an “ad” out on a couple Facebook photography groups and basically pimped him out. Lol I had a lot of good feedback but Esther was the one that really stood out to me. I’m not sure why. My gut just told me to go with her. She was hesitant of course, asking about who we are, where we’re from, and what I wanted to do with them. I would’ve been worried if she didn’t ask so many questions.

”I’m just going to treat you like a normal couple,” I told her.

I just wanted to test my ability. Was I going to be able to make this look natural? Can I really pull this off? Two complete strangers that had never talked or met prior to this? To pose them and make them feel comfortable? Is this going to be a train wreck?

It took a few weeks for our schedules to align but it was worth the wait for sure. After a few weeks of planning, shopping, changing locations a few times, changing outfits a few times, etc. it all came together! And it really all went off without a hitch.

We got to the location and it was like a winter wonderland. Washington doesn’t get a lot of snow, so the weather we’ve been experiencing here has been out of the ordinary, but it was so beautiful and I’m glad we had the snow we did for these.

Once we all got to where we were going, and got to warm up to each other a bit, I thought it might be helpful for them to have a “backstory”. So we made up a relationship for them. They’ve been together for 2 years, and they met on Tinder but told their parents they met at a library. lol They hit it off right away and I don’t feel like I needed to do much of anything except prompt them. They cracked jokes, flirted, and just went with it. It was a really cool thing to witness. I honestly felt like I was intruding on some intimate and personal moments a few times. Half the time, I didn’t even need to tell them what to do. They were so natural and comfortable with each other. At the end of the session, they even fake proposed. The whole thing was just so fun!

If they wouldn’t have been so open minded and truly willing to connect with a random stranger.. this wouldn’t have been as successful. This would have been an epic fail. I was NERVOUS. I know they were too. I never would have been able to do what they did.

I got to document natural human connection and capture their first touch, their first kiss, the first time they laughed together. It’s just so surreal to me.

I’m not sure what the future holds for them, if anything, as there are a lot of factors that come into play. One of them being she is in Washington and he is in Pennsylvania, but how many people can say they took a chance like this? They were set up on a blind date with a photographer there to document the whole thing and they ROCKED IT. It’s just CRAZY and unbelievable!


Stay tuned for more from these two! We have something else in the works!

Also, if anyone has any questions regarding this session, I would be happy to answer them in the comments below!

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