Derek & Brittany | Hawk Mountain

Brittany had answered a model call I put out about shooting at this gorgeous mountain top location. She listened to all of my styling advice from the dress to her feather hair band. I wanted a bohemian/hippie vibe to this session and she nailed it. So those asking if Derek ripped his jeans on the way up the mountain, the answer is no, it was intentional. ;)


I had hiked to the top of Hawk Mountain a couple weeks prior to check out the location before my session, like I always do. It was about a 2 mile hike, and I did it with a 20lb toddler on my back in 90 degree heat. It. Was. Worth. It. The view was spectacular. The trails end though and it all turns to rock that you have to climb and I really didn't feel like making clients hike all that before a photo shoot, by the time we got up there they'd be hot, sweaty and exhausted. So we stuck to the 5 minute hike to the south overlook -- the view was just as grand though.


We went the day before Memorial Day so it was kind of busy. We had to get creative and work around the crowds. Everybody was so nice and didn't seem to mind us though which I am grateful for.


These two had amazing chemistry and you could tell they are very much in love. I can't thank them enough for making my vision for this session come to life! I can't wait to shoot here again.


This is one of our very last images. It was when the storm was just starting to roll through. We were done and it started to drizzle, but they wanted one more shot. Needless to say, it was magical.

lightning strike.jpg

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